At the Centre for Cyberspace Studies, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, we design innovative and multidisciplinary degree programmes that draw from fields such as technology, forensics, management, law, policy, science, business, and psychology to provide participants with the most contemporary knowledge and skills for managing critical cyber infrastructure and assets. These courses are designed not to be technology centric, they are for anyone interested in advancing career in this emerging field of cyberspace.

  • Ph.D Cybersecurity
  • PhD Cybersecurity
  • This is a rigorous, research-focused advanced degree devoted to a unique area of student's interest in the fields of Cybersecurity. Its research-based with fewer contact lectures for candidates who want to deepen their knowledge of Cybersecurity through a research study, and gain subject matter relevance in security issues of the Cyberspace. It is open to all graduates with sound Masters Degree in Law, Administration, Engineering and Sciences interested in advancing career in Cybersecurity.
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